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Hidden Gems- House of Holland

This week is a dreamy post for me, I've always dreamed of working or at least being able to afford to spend my money on certain brands. For years I have fallen in love with House of Holland, it's a brand of dream and jazziness. Breaking the limits of average clothing and going that extra mile. From the star jumpsuits to the velvet dress it really goes there. I thought I would spend this week showing you my top picks from the new line and what I would dream to have in my wardrobe right now. 

For spring-summer, the brand is going for pops of colours. From those dreamy purple and yellow items, it's all coming back. There's almost a 70's vibe going on with the floral styles and that hippie chick kinda vibe going on. 

My first love is probably not a surprise it's this dreamy rainbow wave jumper. It has a juxtaposition of the nice pop of rainbow and the dark brown it adds a neutral kind of element to it. With the style of this, I would probably layer it up with maybe a…

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